Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Unknown.

Come and sing..
Ye shall sing the song.
Sing the song and merry-making along.
The abrupt tyrannies of the world.
The fake hypocrisies of the nations.
We gotta sing it all
We gotta sing it loud!

Someone have to push you under the light.
Under the clear light, under the dreary bed.
Under the water, to make you gulp…
And then to make you churn
And produce solid out of water.
We gotta sing it all
We gotta sing it loud..
We gotta enjoy the ecstasy out of it.

View from the picture.
View through the art
Do not search within.
You will find the hollow rise..
The compromise. Of an aspiration
followed by inspiration,
then the condemnation and the damnation.
Within this holy nation.
What will you search?
What will you find..?

What we need is always different from
What we want. How will you view life then.

A word, followed by its opposite word.
Taking the conversation (philosophy of life)
To the level above commonly reach.
Then why are we forming heap of words.
We are the witnesses to the most degraded age of mankind.
“All is wrong, only I am right!”

They say, the struggle for power goes on!
The struggle for power goes on!
And you may contribute a verse….

Why disappointed, why so depressed.
We are allowed to sing like an impotent.
So enjoy every bit of this helplessness.
Where will thou find such a freedom
As you may knock the imperial palace
And disturb the creator.
But something is present…?
Something is ruling everything.
The greatest tragedy is….it is only something.
So, live life to the fullest in your lover’s arms…
And leave the future behind, hanging on your chairs arm…
Go, and you gotta sing the song…
You gotta sing it loud..
You gotta sing in harmony
With your other friends or enemies
Standing in a long row along…

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  1. yes...well written..enjoy the helpnessness..and sing the song.............