Monday, January 16, 2012

The Lake.

Do you hear the calm and still here.. so, serene..!!
This will be such a wonderful place to read 'n write poetry!!

Many over the lake, search for peace.
I come here, in search for the marrows.
If Life be silent, let silent it may be.
I will have courage, to beat the sun o'the east

Palaces, Arches and Aisles are created for what?
To some they may please, for rest this be peace.
I have traveled so far, very far across the shore.
I've only come to realize, my true path leads to you.
So here i come, cover'ng my long voyage.
Passing of centuries, from my birth to decay.
I've come to realize, the true essence of life.
To live for your love, to die for you love.