Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baptization of the deads...

The Yearning equal in intensity
Paraded by the love of her sight,
witness something new on this very day,
This very hour, questions the supreme.
Sitting on aboard of snow.
Take my life. I can take no more.

Adieu. Adieu. The love of my life.
Thy Care i will miss, most dear to my heart.
You plucked me from beginnings, when i was numble.
Detached my base and made me humble.
For thee, my dearest! Thee, I desire the most.
My love is not half, but chosen with dews o'r jasmines.
I, your gentle admirer, Amoroso pledges to love thee
Till my soul collapse and ashes in the barren.

For she, who is sunken in deep sorrows.
Commands her lover's Grave.And censure the mighty deaf.
"Lightning grumbled upon my dearest love.
Make no mistake, O, My dearest love! Do no haste.
Silence of'd night is beyond my limits to bear.
Away no more. For I can hardly bear.
Where are you going, leaving me in fear.
Handle me with care, as I am soft as a leaf of clove
Dearth of my parts, in me which you liked.
could not fulfill your desire to be loved, like wise.
I heartily apologize, you are not the one I wanted to like.
But, you are still the one, whom I liked.
Till dis end awaited us, I will make no mistake.
Following you till the end of time I will accompany you in your Grave."

Chaste is thy love, like an honest virgin.
Ti's never "wise", as you always granted on me.
I was believed I was always the blue moon of thine eyes.
Never realised, the efforts you put, to reciprocate to my sighs.
For love is not to reciprocate my dearest.
Thee, whom i loved, never reciprocated, what i feel
For you was ne'er near, when I desired to be.
Not parts I wished to adhere. No more paint my heart!!
The only wish I yearned, not to be loved for my love, but your's.
There is nothing I can feel now, the wish, I make so hard now!!
Wait no more the Sun o'the east.
Nor the thunder lightning which cries on the split.
I shout from the hollows, beneath the earth I cry.
Gulf of poison she gulped upon my barren grave, and inside I lie.

All over!
What wicked play could mighty spirits play?
What tyranny could magic spells obey?
The cast of holy kingdom is standing silent, to baptize the dead.
No drop of love potion, can these two prepare.
For they, who lay one upon eachother as dead,
Still separated and disunited, as lay when alive.
Now lifeless. Sucked out of further desires.
The mighty heaven is at rest, Alas!
For two souls unite into oblivion, At last!