Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Please be still
Please be a part of my Poison.
I want you numb
Your skin as cold as ice.
Because I'm stoic.
Some might call me a sadomasochist
But, in reality, I am your play-thing.
Be my culprit.
Show me my blood,
I cannot feel the pain
As you gave me love!!!
Please be still
Please be a part of my poison.

Trust me. I trust you.
Kill me, I want to see my blood
Is it red?
Red is the colour of rose as well.
Am I formed from rose?
Or is it you that filled me with red.

Please be still.
Please be a part of my poison.
I want you numb.

Show me my blood.
I want to smell it.
Does it smell of purple violets?
Or the lilies, we plucked together.
Where will I found a naïve as you.

Come to me I shall have you full.
Where dost thou can go.
You are my play thing.
Be still. I SAID BE STILL.

Shower me your lust.
Make me feel I am desirable.
May be, something can stuck me too!!!

Where are you going?
Leaving me incomplete.
Please don’t do this to me.
Enough of sadism I have suffered.
YOU come to me.
I don’t want you numb!
I don’t want you cold.

Suck the red within me
And give me exquisite pleasure.

1 comment:

  1. you have portrayed the truth Harshit... Thanks for raising such a thing. You as being a man must motivate others too.

    i loved reading it!