Saturday, March 13, 2010

And We Will Go Within Eachother……..

amor platonicus- ‘Symposium’s

Where would have I found
so eternal peace as with you.
You flowered me from nothingness.
Now, that I go back to memories
when I miss you,
I re-read our old conversations
and smile.

The Hellish fire below my feet,
even the Granite melts and bones
realize their hollowness, and
blood boils to vapour drops.
Leaving staining essence
to this world, to smell
and to rot.

I want to refresh our old memories.
The eyes will get closed; light is shut.
I am left to nothingness again.
To what extent this search will proceed.
I found myself stand nowhere,
at nights finds myself gazing
undemandingly at the Moon.
Your silky hairs; your siesta eyes
have a lot more to tell, then I could hear.
There is a smile, then there is a guise,
and then I am left gazing like a prey.
My search for eternal peace ends at you.

I want to transcend; transcend
of which Atwood spoke about.
Transcend will require me to
fight the horrorful other;
the delightful other;
the unknown other.

This unknown is formless.
How may I get to see him,
catch him, and fight him.
As I doubt, is this other,
a part somewhere inside me?
I searched and searched
and searched within again and
again and realized.
I am a drop within a sea.
Afraid of getting doomed forever in it.
Your sunshine must reach to me in depths
and furnish me with strength.
Give me your sight.
I have walked so far,
bless me your light.
Unless “human voices wake us, and we drown.”

And I may be left unsung, unnoticed;
pathless on this trodden, discarded path.

Where will I land?
Where will my voyage end?

My voyage will end at you, that’s certain.
And I will roll my sleeves up
and stand straight, and march forward
to enter the other and to
triumph over the other.
To conjoin with you.

A step after a step
After a step and our glory!

I would march forward
singing ‘A Song’ again and again
whenever I’ll be lost among
the trodden paths of this
humanly guised devilish space

Will I be left burning then also?
As passionately as I am now.
Or will this hellish burning will end,
in the end, and
cool down, and ice my scars.
Will you hold my hand and
kiss me to sunshine!
Will this dark other land
be brighten up then?
Will this impotent land
be fertile with our conjoin?
Will then we never be parted again?
From your eyes, to your lips,
To your smell, to your soul,
will want me with same intense,
as I to you now.

Am I Amoroso? Are you Histella?
We are not
restricted, nor bounded
in any of the worldly illusions.

We have no name.
Only we have,

Give me your touch, and steal
my soul from me.
Give me your smell
and I would deflower it slowly
to preserve it only for myself, only myself.
Stare at me like this
and I’ll kiss thee to eternity.
Give me your lips
and we will leave this illusion.
We will leave this delusion.
Yes, my love you are right!
We will leave this world
And go within Eachother.

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