Saturday, May 1, 2010


Before the cow. Before the lion. Before the iron.
At the first hazy image of an Indian Rhino. Before the sum
Taught us trade with the foreign lands;
Export-import. The Largest settlement.
Praisable architecture, art forms
An enigma, along the mighty Indus.
Boustrophedon. Manufactured seals of
Swastika symbol and Trimurti- Creator, Sustainer, destroyer.
Peepal worshipped, stamped the bull,
And Temple-less Shiva-Shakti obeyed.
Lingam and Yoni were sacred and prayed.
From Sindh it stretched, from Punjab and Maharashtra;
Relive what is buried and past.
Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Lothal Port and Ghaggar
Marks the land of unsung men.
Who gifted us cotton, the Mother Goddess,
Shell strips, Pashupati Mahadev,
Burial of a horse intact.
Ten prosperous centuries of mankind
Declined by Indra’s rage, of which
Rigveda speaks as hariyumpia.


  1. good reveiw of history...........

  2. and the way of discription bhi lajawab h............