Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Walk on the Road

One year is going to past
Only one month and six days are left
You my brother is still residing in my heart
Pacing my heart beat count to one thirty, one fourty, one fifty....

My eyes are closed
My senses are evoked
feeling your warmth
within my mother's breast

seclusion is not a pain for me anymore.
Waiting for your love,
for your care, and
your melodious voice
calling 'BHAIYA....' once again
does not leave me to cry and to mourn anymore.

When i walk through the streets
once again in the evening.
A sweet wave smoothly brushes my cheek and
whispers into my ears and says
'Hey dear BHAIYA....someone is missing and
wishing for your luck'
A sensation,
then temptation,
and then contemplation 
covers my body,
heart, and
to possess and
then repress
to preserve
the sweetness of my love
for you only for you
my love.

on the middle of the road.
My eyes are rolling back
harmoniously with my neck.
I can smell the heavy smell of you
which has traveled across the distance of time
to reach to me and then
say to me
'that my sweet Bhaiya!
I am here and
I am back.
I am here and
I am back.
I am here and
I am back.'
Love you Nayan....