Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Time is Gone

the time is gone, only memories are on,
making the way for you 
to step into new world,
of profit and delight, where you may 
see me stand there, right there my love,
where you have left me,
to live in pain, and disdain
within me of losing you so unexpect'dly, 
i'm hold'ng up my outbr'st 
of love, of emotion, of care.
for you, only for you
my sweet little brother,
do come back soon, do come back soon, 
please do come back soon. i miss you........  


  1. this cant be better!!

    doest matter who u are!!

    what matters is what u think nd how u express!!

  2. good crafting sentimental poem
    plz keep on