Friday, September 25, 2009

One Night Stand

The music was Jazz at that late hour
In the party of Mr. John.
The mood was tempting,
But much alluring was the shape of that Glass.

At the bar counter, drinks were served
Whiskey, Rum and Cola.
But more enchanting was the shape of that glass
Who bears the shape of Aphrodite.
The excitement evoked so strong.
I tried hard to suppress it.
I even walked out of the party that time
Tried hard not to relate my passions with that.

That much strong was the web of that Seductress Glass.

While driving on the lonely road
With no moon light at all.
Darkness was so much occupied outside
Endeavouring to break the panes of my window
And trying to amalgamate me into itself.

Somewhere in the ruling Darkness
A blonde seductress was standing.
I tried to stop.
But I crossed her.
Without showing any sign of notice to her.
And few steps ahead
I braked.
She came to my car
I opened the door
She stepped inside
And closed the door.

I didn't inquired about her destination
Neither she told me herself.
I was endlessly driving for hours
On the road to eternity.

She was sitting next to me
But we didn't exchanged a word,
The mood was soothing
So much relaxing
I can feel her warmth next to me.
We were actually communicating
With our own pre-language stuff.
Our eyes met, and suddenly
Got distract
In a glimpse of a sec.
I watched her lips,
My eyes praised her alluring neck.
She was wearing sultry Red
Like an enchanted mistress.

I stopped my car in the middle of the road
And gave her the staring wheel.
She drived for an hour
Then parked the car
In front of an abandoned house.

The night was getting icier
With the passage of time.
We embraced each other
And walked inside that coquettish house.
My hands were holding that glassy waist
Reminding me of that Glass
Having similar shape.
The only difference from that time is that
Now I really want to drink
The Whiskey inside.

We entered the house and
Jumped to bed.
I discovered
I am a womanizer.
She took my hand
Onto her lap.
I was caressing her soothing lingerie.
She kissed on my neck.
Oh my Gosh!!!
My eyes rolled back.
A sudden sensation spreads
And for the first time ever
I witnessed the taste of femme fatale.
I moved towards Hedonism.
We maintained that pose whole night, I suppose
Next morning I found
That womanly Glass was sleeping with me on my bed......


  1. lovely......
    i can just say-
    jaam-ae-husan se, ishq ka didaar karte ho,
    aap toh khavabo me bhi, sanam se hi, pyar karte ho..

    1. kya khoob kaha hai.. iske upar "Multiple Incarnations" wali poem hai.. read that too!!

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