Sunday, May 5, 2013


What is it that is born in my eyes and dies on my lips?
My Histella's kiss!

What is it that travels in my smile and routes to her heart?
My Histella's dreams!

What is it that starts from her chest all the way to my cheeks?
My Histella's breath!

What is it that comes from my dreams in a day up to her cozy nights?
My Histella's life!

What is it that oscillates from her thought to the reason of her origin?
My Histella's desire for Amoroso!

This is I, Amoroso.

Your Love brings revelations to my soul
like a morning coming from a scented rose
To admire its beauty seeing a glimpse of you,
Smiling back at me, attracting bees at you.

Her slender eyes of a deer and the beauty of its skin
A Swan passed by in the lake beside
This furnished green will be my last bed
Looking at the sky and painting the clouds ahead
I'll close my eyes, thinking of you and only you.

Like a glass filled with the oldest wine.
Reflecting the image of what my eyes shouts to see.
Her beautiful smile, now lost in disguise.
Her soft voice resonates in my mind.
calling out my name like never before.
And, I die. I die. I die.

Belongings that are left are seeped deep in my heart
Shining bright among the stars, here I lie.
Looking at your glow from far, very far away...
Wishing our love supreme divinity by God's living afar.

And so, like the ripples forming in a still water.
And a stone tied to a thread, approaching the center.
Carefully listening to the sound of silence.
Performing the softest Conversations in Silence...

-H. S.

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