Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On love and empires...

And thus, Amoroso asked the mighty Oracle, "What thou asketh me about valor and courage? When my Histella fell short of love."

    Love, the best of the most beautiful feelings in this world. The brilliant energy in the universe that binds all material beings into a bond of platonic-ism. And so, the beauty of such intensity is often accompanied by an equal attraction, or, could be rightly called as an addiction.  

    Love, intensity, or addiction can turn either into a blessing or a boon to oneself depending on the way in which it is handled by both the partners. Thus, in handling lies the root of the problem and also its solution.

    Let us start by defining, "What is love?" Love, in a general terminology, is the attraction which two individuals experiences towards each other. It could be in a group as well e.g. a family. Though, in a companion kind of love only two individuals are counted. Scientifically, love can be explained as a result of some hormones in the endocrine system of humans which are further supported and amplified by the pheromones.

   Many a definitions are present to define love. Even in a poetic sense, love is the feeling which one experiences while watching a flower bloom to its blossom in the fresh morning sunlight with dew drops still over its petals. It is that very feeling which one remembers in the smell of that young blossom, their whole life. A feeling which, although, can be created, but, can never be destroyed and are only preserved within.

   Among all other descriptions, a poetic feel is what makes you imagine what love could be. The poet will ask you as an admirer to the blossoming of the lily, "did you asked the flower to be a rose and not a lily?". Had lily cared about only pleasing the admirer and focused on being a rose, she would have never reached the prime and proud of being a lily in its fullest sense. And the admirer must have lost their desire to be with such a rose instead.

   The lily, in such a case, has to realize its true nature in being a lily only; the part in which she is most suitable. Love cannot ask a condition to be fulfilled in being together. If the admirer is looking for a rose then he shall find one. And, the lily, shall find the one looking for a lily. Hence, the balance will be maintained in the nature and everyone's lives.   

   Requirement can never occupy a place in love. For love knows no boundary, no condition. Love is boundless. It cannot be caged in some essential requirements of being worthy to be together or not. Love, is such a small word, yet so powerful that it can destroy empires.  

   Love is rebellious in its truest nature. Love is a revolt. It is a fight when two souls unite into one and stand in one voice to challenge the might. It is a fight for freedom- a freedom to be together without any boundary, without any condition; two humans in their most nubile forms wanting to be together. Love means a fight between the might and the right.  

   Love forms its own boundaries. It then transcends those boundaries themselves again to form newer boundaries. It does not ask the flower to become a rose, and not a lily, so that empire will accept them both. It cannot condition the flower. If one is looking for a rose then they must not stop at the lily. And if they are looking for a lily then one must accepts the lily in its prime-est form.  

   Love is a discovery. A discovery on how does it feel being fresh in a relationship even after so many years. A discovery, an enlightenment, with hands in hands on a wheat farm at sunset looking at each other just inches apart and a slight brush of lips. Love is that force which can fight the whole world, and not just an empire, to feel that tinge in the neck and spine while you brush your lips in such a farm. You realize the true power of love. Because, love is not for the weak. 

   It is the addiction for one another that does not let you break apart. Love is two hearts flamed in the passions and heat and fire. They could burn you if you come their way. It is such powerful that you cannot even think about breaking apart. For such an admirer who will look for a lily can never even think of asking a lily to become a rose so that they could be together in the eyes of the empire. Love is a trade for the weak. No love can sustain longer if strengthen upon the platform to please the empire and not the admirer and the lily. Hence the requirement or condition finds no place in love. And if its is truly a love, then love never fails... Even if empires stands against their love then the true rebellious beauty of love comes out in its supreme as a revolt.

   It is rightly said, the truest love is a fight for those warriors who see nothing other than their desire to be together. Who knew once separated cannot survive. It is not for those who run away like cowards to protect themselves from the agony of the empire and expecting the lily to become a rose so that the empire could accept them. It will fight for their own desire to be with the lily and despise the rose, because, in lily lies their true happiness and love. Love is for those who are bravest, courageous, who are determined to fight for one another. To put it simply, love in itself is powerful than the mightiest of mightiest empires..   

What good be good if love be not fought for its justice,
What love is love if valor and courage be not its companions,
good be good if cowardice finds its home inside the lovers,
What love be love if it does not challenge the mightiest empire in the sky,

What love be love if two souls of such nature, be not met...


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