Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Song of....

A song of union,
A song of commitment,
A song of triumph over endless eternity.
Praise! Praise! Holy Spirits!
Mighty wind will sing the praise.
Of our world-without-end wedlock.
From the heights of mountains
Heaven will shower the rain
The triumphant glory
Of our patience and pain.
The nature will sing its eloquent praise
To perform the ceremony of annunciation ablaze.

Amoroso (A lover):
My soul! My beloved!
You are my light, and I am your secret admirer.
You bear the shape of Aphrodite.
Your radiance is what
I want to rub on my soul.

O my dear! My beloved Histella!
We have waited for long.
Yes, we have burned our flesh.
Our conjoin will now be blest.
It’s time for us to unite together
And make prophecies to get real.

Amoroso (A lover):
You came from another world.
I wandered through loneliness.
You were so luminous.
I belonged to gloominess.
You raised me to “light”.
My life got enhanced, and bright.
Then you showed me anger,
And I feared the danger.
Well, let’s not dip into it now,
As time does not command us for.
The Edenic nature sings our praise.
Come, let’s dance upon its murmur.

Amoroso (A lover):
Through nights like this one
You entered into my heart.
The chamber was dark and empty
You ignited it with your “love charm”.
I struggled, I struggled! I fought!
My love!
The two demons with full detest and antipathy.
The strings were loose
I must have struck onto them
In my weakest hours.
If the string will now break,
The depth is where I will fall.
So, show me some sunshine
And liss me from this dread.
I ask for your heavenliness
And bless me, as much as you can
Now show me some magic
Of which I have been bereaved these years.
Oh! My “princess” just hug me(if you can)
When I am all in tears.
The scars are clear on my skin
When my passion burned me within
This sweet pain in loving season
I missed! I missed! I missed!

My true friend!
Your “mottu”; your “shona”
Have heard thee call.
The glory and praise
Of your love and pain, I know
Only I can ameliorate.
And I have come to mend with you
In our beatific romance.

Your love had many followers.
Your love had had its coronal;
You showed me new conn’tation
Of love which is pious in stature.
I made you wait longer more than you deserved.
I made you cry longer then you should have.
I had some limits of my life
But my soul belongs to you.
Plato, Plotinus thought of giving way
Wordsworth thought of
Moulding it in his way.
No one thought of its own angelic nature
To come to terms with our own fascinations.

I have heard thee, your eloquence
You call me “siesta” eyes sometimes
You praised me more than I deserved.
Prayed me as Aphrodite.

Amoroso (A lover):
It won’t fulfill my appetite!
To make you immortal,
Will be my only expertise.
To place you on the throne of
Goddess of beauty and love forever.

I was a null; Ah! Yes, I was a null.
A mere void in expanse of this world.
Followed by material blissful stuffs.
You brought “light” to my innocent eyes.
Now let us join with the heaven.
And sing praise of our lovely wedlock.

(Souls of two lovers in perfect harmony):
We burned! We burned! We burned!
Some parts of our flesh do get burned.
This flesh is mortal,
Soul had its own transmuted essence.
The nights were restless,
And days were endless.
This inferno had burned our skin
And the nights asked us to sin.
We evolved. Aah! Yes, we evolved.
Struggling through such trivialities.
And we have come so far this way.
Let’s not waste this fragrance away
In material words like this one.
Come and unite together
In the silence of our love!
In the silence of our love!
In th….Sile… o… …ove..!

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