Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Indian Hockey and Economic Deficity, A Routine Process.

It is a Shame for Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports for ousting the needs and monetary requirements of Indian Hockey Federation and its players. Where has the funds assigned to the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports by the government to India for Hockey players. If the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports had forwarded the funds to the Indian Hockey Federation then how can the funds deficit? How can they be inadequate? where is the Nationality of our National game lost. I, as an Indian want to apologize to our Hockey team players and members for playing without any patronage and not only this they are willing to play games on their own expenses, Captain Rajpal Singh spoke from the front,"Since the Federation does not have the cash, we decided that we would all pool our resources together and play the World Cup and pay for our own expenses." I want to cheer them up to perform well in the World Cup. This is the naked economic condition of Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, that our patriotic players are filling the loss of internal politics and corruption committed by others.Listen to what India Hockey team's goalkeeper Adrian D'Souza has said on this,"You would not believe we got a daily allowance of USD 20 in our last tour of Argentina. And when we won the Azlan Shah Cup last year, the amount was USD 14." I am not intending to be misread here, but it is only possible in India that other games are provided ascendant importance against our national game, Hockey. even if you ask a Ten year old child "what is our National game?" he will lavishly reply "cricket!". The child doesn't even know the names of our Hockey players, and can never recognize them on streets if acquainted. This is the importance given to our national game. Each Cricket player is crowned with 17lakh rupees for a single ODI match and what is provided to our national game....God bless shame to our persons in authority that a true Indian with good fortune, Amitabh Bachhan, is self-forced to offer money to the Hockey Board of India. This is their reputation in the eyes of an Indian. I want to bulge out here one more aspect of it, in this ultra-communicative India, Media has a vital role to provide enlightenment to the mass, media should emphasize more towards other forms of sports as well. What reward has been given to others like Leander Peas, Tennis- Bronze medal(1996), Karnam Malleswari, Women's Weightlifting 69kg- Bronze medal, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Shooting- Silver medal. Abhinav Bindra, Shooting- Gold medal was an exception among these who got some light, but was also been deprived of real merit which he must have received, ignoring five minute clippings of him on every news channel. what is media doing to snatch the attention of the mass towards the lethargic workings of bureaucrats preparing the platform for Commonwealth Games 2010, which India is going to host in October this year, not the next to next year!! I want to apologize for hurting the sentiments of anyone but this is the naked face of our present day corruption and soporific countrymen.

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