Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Distant Dream...

A Distant Dream...

Your one look into my eyes;
And your unbound transcendent love.
I born into. I exist.

My Moon, come, take shelter in my arms,
Let me dip into your cast,
And, create my structure.

The purity of your soul,
I admire.
Your path in love,
I aspire.
I aspire.
I aspire.
I aspire your confluence;
Since ages.

Your tepid touch
Amalgamates me into another world.
I get lost in you.
I take birth in you. Thus, I exist.

Ohh.. HOw My heart dances with innocence!
Ohh.. How the Night sings to me the songs of love!
And, I get drown in the melody of your name.
I win win lose you.
I live live die for you.
Ohh.. How I adore you!
Ohh.. How I most ardently adore you...!

Being a pearl I swing off your neck.
Being your heartbeat How I cling to your breast.
And, when out of love you raise your newly wedded wimple,
My heart swirls to light and wisdom.
And, I leave this world.
I leave all possessions.
I leave your love.
I leave myself.

And, I conjoin in you.
In you. In you. In you.
I reach and discover myself anew...

So, like a Saint,
I garnish my temple of love.
Like a parish,
I summon your chants from the book of your holy love.
you only take me to the other world.
In you only I reach my sublime.
In you only I reach my sublime.

H. S.

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